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Built for ‘Goodwood Revival 2022‘ and ‘The Laver Cup 2022

This was our third time that Switzerland Tourism. had commissioned us to build them a unique track for an event. They were so impressed with the bespoke ‘Hill Climb Rally Stage‘ in 2019 and the ‘Furka Pass Hill Climb‘ in 2021 that they asked us to build them another one that would give a good representation of ‘The Swiss Grand Tour’.

Each year they have asked us to build a bigger track for them. In 2019 it was 8′ x 8′, in 2020 it was 12′ x 8 and this year’s track was 16′ x 8′!

The brief was the track needed to represent Switzerland and the ‘Grand Tour of Switzerland’, have a Swiss train and, if possible, a model of the Matterhorn. The Grand Tour of Switzerland takes you on a 1,600 km tour through the most beautiful regions of Switzerland. It includes 22 lakes, 5 alpine passes, 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and much more.

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This track we built included:

  • The Oberalp Lighthouse
  • Swiss Miniature Park (Swissminiatur)
  • A working train track disappearing into a tunnel to the Jungfraujoch Train Station.
  • A tennis court to represent The Laver Cup
  • Large model of the Matterhorn and a smaller model in Swissminiatur

PLUS lots of little scenes, including:

  • A Chocolate Mine for the children
  • Broken down cars
  • Road works
  • Fishing scenes
  • and much more.

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This bespoke track was used at ‘Goodwood Revival 2022‘ and ‘The Laver Cup 2022‘. We were also honoured to meet the recently retired Roger Federer whilst we were at the Laver Cup. See the videos below for more about the events this track was used at.

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