FURKA PASS HILL CLIMB, 2021 (12′ x 8′)

Goodwood Revival 2021

This was our second time at Goodwood Revival for Switzerland Tourism. They were so impressed with the bespoke rally stage we built for them in 2019 that they commissioned us to build them another one that would give a good representation of ‘The Swiss Grand Tour’, but this time they asked it to be twice the size! This is what we came up with:

PLUS lots of little scenes, including:

  • Broken down cars
  • Road works,
  • Cow fields,
  • and much more.

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Below are some pictures of the track and scenery, as well as a montage video which includes a lap of the track. Enjoy!

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Hotel Belvédère: The Iconic Swiss Hotel

About Hotel Belvédère: Located in one of the snowiest regions in Switzerland, the Furka Pass is considered to be one of the “most iconic, exhilarating and exciting drives” through the Swiss Alps. The scenic road with its tight switchbacks curving up the picturesque mountainside attracts countless tourists. The Furka Pass even played a brief cameo in the 1964 James Bond movie Goldfinger.

Over the decades Hotel Belvédère became one of the most iconic hotels of the Swiss Alps. Nowhere else in the world could one drive a car so close to the edge of a glacier, check into a hotel room with balconies overlooking the massive river of ice, and then walk down a paved path to the glacier below located only a couple of hundred yards away We, along with the Magnetic Racing side of our business, designed and built a scaled down version of this amazing structure.