Think Scalextric Events are based in Hampshire, England and we have two parts to our business. One is Scalextric Events Hire, where companies, or private clients, can hire us to provide entertainment with our Scalextric track and MagneticRacing.com products. Secondly we design and build custom slot car tracks.

Think Scalextric Events was set up by Ian Weir and Doug Edwards. We are both fully qualified driving instructors and in March 2010 we set up Think Driving School. Within the driving school we teach people to drive cars, teach people to tow trailers and we also train people to become driving instructors.

In 2012 we were thinking about fun ways to promote the driving school. As we have a real passion for driving we thought we could pass on the joy of driving on a smaller scale, that’s when we came upon the idea of ‘Think Scalextric Events’ and, as they say “The rest is history”.

Think Scalextric Events turned into a venture way beyond what we imagined it could become. We have a real passion for driving and enjoy passing on the joy of driving in this miniature scale. We also have several friends that help us out with our scalextric events, some of them are also fellow driving instructors.


– Established in 2012 we have lots of experience; from children’s parties, corporate exhibitions/events to filming with production companies for TV, films and adverts

– Using Scalextric Digital means we can race up to SIX CARS on up to EIGHT LANES, with lane-changing at the touch of a button

– Enthusiastic staff, along with racing sound effects and F1 themed Grand Prix music

– For Corporate Events our team are happy to wear your company uniform or branded clothing

– We are passionate about what we do, which comes across with our energetic commentary during the racing to build excitement and make the clients feel invloved

– We are extremeley flexible; whether you’re wanting a small unique shaped track or you’d prefer a massive track, we can cater to your needs

– When making a custom/bespoke track for a client we take pride in going above and beyond to exceed the expectations of our clients

– Our raceways are handcrafted and use either Scalextric or Carrera track or are routed; or we can merge the routed and commercial track.

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“Scalextric are one of the things that stick in most people’s heads from their childhood cool toys. So it’s so much fun running our very own Scalextric events and bespoke track building business. I never thought I’d be doing a job I love so much.”

…….Ian Weir – Co Owner
[email protected]

“We started Think Scalextric Events as a hobby. Every event is like going out to play, it’s so much fun; even when we are just marshalling. Seeing the reaction on people’s faces when they come in the room to a massive Scalextric set just makes my day.”

…….Douglas Edwards – Co Owner
[email protected]

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Ian Weir

When it comes to events Ian is the 'Voice of Think Scalextric' with his Murray Walker like commentary skills. With regards to bespoke track building, Ian makes things light up, move or whatever Doug asks him to do.

Doug Edwards

After being friends with Ian for many years Doug set up Think Scalextric Events in 2012 with Ian. Some say Doug is the legend, the pro or sometimes the master of designs, but to us we just know him as 'Doug' lol

Tim Price-Bowen

Tim has known Ian & Doug since 2010. He goes to a lot of the events and also deals with the social media side of things for the business. He is also the resident spell checker and grammar police. But if he's wrong he'll blame Ian. 

Jamie Johnson
Stu Rustell