We can make our Scalextric set look like your company to help you promote your company/products, etc. We have set up our Scalextric track on many exhibition/show stands over the years to help increase footfall for the company that has hired us.

  • CLICK HERE to see some of our Corporate Scalextric Events.

We can also offer these additional options/services that can make your business stand out:

  • “Your Logo” on buildings, cars and billboards
  • Branded podium and backdrop (see photos below)
  • Bespoke Dioramas and/or Scenery to promote your business/event
    (See examples below or CLICK HERE for the ‘Bespoke Dioramas and Scenery‘ page)
  • Our staff are happy to wear your company uniform/branded clothing
  • “Your products” postioned around the circuit
  • Customised Top Gear style ‘Fastest Lap’ leaderboard
  • Customised ‘Fastest Lap’ timing screen
  • Free gift giveaways for leaving contact details (e.g. baseball cap for each race winner)


  • Our staff are very enthusiastic about what they do
  • During the racing we commentate on the racing to build excitement. To add to this we have sound effects too, including race car noise’s & F1 theme music
  • We have loads of experience, with all age groups from children’s parties to filming with production studios for TV, films and adverts
  • Established in 2012 we have lots of experience and are passionate about what we do
  • We use the latest digital scalextric technology which allows up to SIX cars racing on up to EIGHT lanes with lane-changing at the touch of a button, which makes for much more exciting edge of your seat racing
  • Most importantly we are flexible and can cater to your needs, whether it’s a tiny weird shaped track you need or a massive one. We can cater to any needs or race styles

Examples of Table Sizes:

Examples of ‘Corporate Branding’ we have done in the past:

Branded Podium and Backdrop:

Customised ‘Fastest Lap’ Boards:

Bespoke Dioramas and Scenery (CLICK HERE to see more detailed information about the images below):

Feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.