Curfew (TV Series)


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In October 2018 we were asked if we could design and build a 2m x 2m track to go on the Sky One/Den of Geek ‘Chillout’ stand at Comic Con 2018 at the Excel in London.

The track would be to promote a new drama series called ‘CURFEW’ which will be airing in February 2019. In Curfew there are several customised vehicles, we were asked if we could replicate these vehicles in the form of Scalextric vehicles.

Check out, in the images below, the 3 cars we made with just 8 days notice!

Summary of ‘Curfew’: A full-throttle U.K. original set in the world of street racing. A group of amateur drivers from all over the world compete in an illegal night-time street race. The car racers will compete in customised and weaponized vehicles as they race across Britain in an attempt to escape the control of a totalitarian government. Starring Adam Brody, Billy Zane, Sean Bean, Adrian Lester, Rose Williams, Phoebe Fox, Ike Bennett, Andi Osho, Malachi Kirby & Robert Glenister.

Line Break Small Think Scalextric Logo


After working with Sky One and Curfew at Comic-Con 2018 earlier this year Sky One contacted us again and invited us to attend the UK premiere/launch of ‘Curfew’ at Village Underground in Shoreditch on Tuesday 29th January 2019.

‘Curfew’ is a new 8 part series from Sky One and Tiger Aspect UK that documents the lives of ordinary people caught up in a once a year deadly race. After watching the first episode on the big screen there was a Q&A session with the cast of the programme hosted by Jamie East.

Then after that people were free to chat to the cast and everyone involved with the making of the making of the series, enjoy some of the vehicle involved in the race and also race away the evening on our bespoke Curfew based scalextric track.

We were honoured to meet some of Curfew cast, including Billy Zane, Rose Williams, Ike Bennett, Andi Osho, Elijah Rosen, Malachi Kirby, Pheobe Fox and have then race on our track. We were also really happy that they all took the time out to autograph the scalextric version of the Jaguar, VW Camper Van & Volvo that we made for the track. ‘CURFEW’ started on Sky One on Friday February 22nd 2019.

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