Labour Party Conference

Sainsburys Logo October 2023Sainsburys Labour Party Conference October 2023


EVENT: Labour Party Conference with Sainsbury’s

Client: Sainsbury’s
Location: Labour Party Conference, Liverpool, UK
Date: 8th-11th October 2023
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We were asked by Sainsbury’s to build a large working bespoke diorama for the UK political party conferences which would visually explain the ‘Farm to Fork’ supply chain process of milk. 

The track starts at the farm, then goes onto the dairy. After that it’s about transporting the milk onto the retail stores and then finishing at a home where people are ready to drink the milk. We converted a Scalextric car into a working trolley, where people complete 3 laps of the track to try to get the fastest time.

On 1st-4th October we were at the Manchester Central Complex for the ‘Conservative Party Conference’ then from 8th-11th October we were in Liverpool attending the Labour Party Conference.

The stand/track was awarded ‘Organisers Choice: 1st Prize‘, which after all the hard work we put into building this track was a great and humbling moment. We were really proud to have built this bespoke track for Sainsburys for both Government Party Conferences.

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Every year, UK political parties hold their annual conferences. Thousands of people including politicians, party members and stakeholders such as thinktanks, media outlets and charities attend. For all parties, conferences are an opportunity to raise revenue, connect with their membership and attract media attention. The ‘Farm to Fork’ Strategy addresses comprehensively the challenges of sustainable food systems and recognises the inextricable links between healthy people, healthy societies and a healthy planet.

By working in partnership with farmers and suppliers throughout the entire supply chain, from ‘farm to fork’, Sainsbury’s are building resilient supply chains which are fit for the future and are able to react to future demands – while producing great quality, great tasting products too.

Sainsbury’s have farmer and grower development groups covering their main agriculture and horticulture value chains. The groups enable them to work in partnership with their farmers helping them become more resilient, sustainable and profitable whilst producing great quality meat, dairy, poultry and produce reared or grown in the way the Sainsbury’s customers would expect.

Meeting regularly with the Sainsbury’s team, the groups give their farmers a voice and a place to discuss challenges and opportunities together so they can come up with solutions that work for everyone “farm to fork”.

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Line Break Image: Small Think Scalextric Logo slot car exhibition entertainment

Line Break Image: Small Think Scalextric Logo slot car exhibition entertainment