SCOTTISH DOCKYARD, 2022 (12′ x 6.5′)

Our brief from the client on this bespoke build was a Scottish/Glasgow themed track, which was preferably rally based. So we set to work thinking about the best way to link the two.

When researching Glasgow we kept seeing images of the Squinty bridge which crosses the River Clyde, with its iconic twisted arch, and thought this is something we needed to add this to the build.

The other iconic structure that we decided to add was the stunning Finnieston Crane that sits along side the River Clyde, near the Squinty bridge. In between these two structures is the Hilton Garden Inn, so we decided to add this too to give a real feel to the Glasgow scene

CLICK HERE to see pictures of the original Finnieston Crane and our hand built version of this amazing structure.

Scotland is famous for Knockhill Racing Circuit, which is Scotland’s only FIA graded motor circuit. Not only that, it’s one of the only circuits that is licensed to run in both clockwise and anti clockwise directions.

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Knockhill has many uses, one of which is it’s awesome rally cross track. With this in mind we had to incorporate a rally cross section, which has a large hump into a fake water splash, a ramp to join the main Knockhill circuit, plus lots of other twists and turns like a really rally track. Of course, in the industrial section we had to add a Think Scalextric unit and include a diorama of miniature bespoke track leaving the workshop to live with another happy customer.

Track Info:

  • Magnetic Racing commission builds include Finnieston Crane, Hilton Garden Inn, Squinty Bridge, industrial units, Dunlop bridge (not from Knockhill but it’s super cool)
  • Impressive River Clyde, with an under water viewing window
  • Unique tilted start ramp
  • Working lamp posts and coloured spot lights illuminating the Finnieston crane
  • Underpass under Knockhill.
  • Large hump to get air if your brave
  • Routed fake water splash

Small Diarama Scenes Include:

  • Think Scalextric mini track
  • Broken down car with working headlights along with an oil spill
  • Magnet fisherman
  • Real fishing scene in jetty

Small Line Break Image Think Scalextric hire slot car exhibition entertainment

Below are some pictures of the track and scenery, as well as a montage video which includes a lap of the track. Enjoy!

Line Break Small Think Scalextric Logo

Line Break Small Think Scalextric Logo

Finnieston Crane

As mentioned in the description at the top of the page, we decided to add the iconic Finnieston Crane structure that sits along side the River Clyde. After a lot of research and development, we, along with the Magnetic Racing side of our business, designed and built a scaled down version of this amazing structure.