MONACO INSPIRED RACEWAY, 2019 (10.5′ x 6.5′)

We were asked by a client in Bolton, UK, if we could design, build & deliver a custom made digital Scalextric Track.


  • Town/Street Racing
  • 60/70’s Style
  • Monaco Themed
  • Fan of British & European Cars
  • Loves the Martini and Gulf Liveries.
  • Must be 3 metres x 2 metres

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The Track was completed & delivered to the client in Bolton on 23rd February 2019. This track took close to 1000 man hours to design, build and install. With 95% of the track being hand made not from kits, the casino itself has over 80 hours work to bring it to life. Below is a montage video of the track we designed & built from start to finish along with a selection of pictures of the track and it’s scenery.

Throughout the track there are several buildings including a casino, art gallery, restaurants, café, boutique and a villa. All of these buildings were designed & hand built by ourselves. We also used a 3D printer for quite a few of the items, such as barriers, trash bins, plant pots, table/chairs, loungers, and much more. All of the scenery (rocks, trees, fencing, etc) was also hand built and sculpted by us from scratch using lots of different types of materials. There are also over 150 Individually hand painted people around the track, from fans to marshals, waiters to racing drivers.

Big thanks to Magnetic Racing for the Grandstands, they are so good I am not sure we could build better from scratch.